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About Loss Technology Services

About Us

Loss Technology Services, Inc. (LTS) provides comprehensive solutions for estimate/invoice audits and mitigation verification for property loss claims. Our mission is to enhance communication and technical proficiency between all parties to the loss through advanced technology and personnel expertise.

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LTS offers two distinct options: Full Service Evaluations and Water Event Manager (WEM). Full Service Evaluations are geared towards large (commercial or large residential), complex (including mold and flood losses), and/or litigious claims. Full Service Evaluations provide detailed, manual quality evaluation/verification of correct procedures and costs of estimates and invoices prepared by contractors, independent adjustesr, or any other source.

Water Event Manager (WEM) technologies offers a suite of real-time, on-line intelligent tools that provide protocol and pricing data for structural drying. Incorporating industry guidelines and best practices with customary pricing, WEM tools are easy to incorporate into the claims adjusting process – from predictive analytics, to project monitoring, to file review.  WEM delivers increased speed, precision, and transparency of water loss claims processing by applying appropriate process and pricing.

Our History

The evolution of LTS is intertwined with that of its sister company, SkyeTec. Both companies are known for innovative approaches to new initiatives and markets, and the ability to identify technology solutions to challenges.  Included is a narrative of how we have historically identified, assessed and mitigated new program risks, and provided recommendations for cost effective and results-driven solutions. 

To provide you with an understanding of our corporate philosophy and approach to innovation, we welcome you to read a narrative describing how we’ve become a leading service provider in the building, environmental and energy science industries in just eleven years.  Economic forces require flexibility and reinvention of services to adapt to emerging technologies and markets, but SkyeTec and LTS have never forsaken its core business principles and philosophies regarding excellent customer service and offering cost effective, quality, science-based solutions.

SkyeTec was founded in 2000 in response to the rapidly increasing concerns over mold growth in homes around the state of Florida. As a third party consultant, we located and identified microbial growth and water intrusion sources in residential and commercial properties. SkyeTec developed industrial hygiene practices using recognized standards from the New York Department of Health, Environmental Protection Agency and Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

By 2001, SkyeTec was responding to and analyzing numerous mold claims from around the state, and decided to focus on third party consultation as its area of expertise. Realizing the importance of providing preventative measures to ensure that the risk of future problems would be significantly reduced, the SkyeTec Certification Program was launched. SkyeTec’s qualified environmental analyst visits a home or building multiple times throughout the construction process to identify any existing or potential issues before completion. By preventing costly damages, builders, insurers, and homeowners enjoy cost savings.

SkyeTec’s Catastrophic Response division rapidly expanded when environmental diagnostic assessments were requested by property insurance carriers after Florida was hit by four hurricanes in 2004. It responded as well after the 2005 hurricane season that affected Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

During the course of assessing these thousands of wind damaged properties, our experts found that many of the damages they were witnessing could be prevented by assessing a building’s current condition and making improvements to further strengthen it against severe winds. SkyeTec, through its Mitigation Services division, was awarded the title of Wind Certifying Entity for the My Safe Florida Home program by the State of Florida.

Our inspectors performed more than 90,000 of the 400,000 free wind inspections offered to eligible residents throughout the state, and continue to offer Wind Mitigation Certifications, providing baseline hurricane ratings and specific recommendations for retrofitting.  Several retrofit measures have energy efficiency benefits as well as hardening benefits.

Next in SkyeTec’s evolution came the connection with wind, energy and indoor environmental conditions. Research on Green building practices has found that indoor environmental quality is a vital component in achieving a sustainable and healthy building. As the SkyeTec Certification Program has already been measuring many of the same features as Green building certifying programs, SkyeTec naturally expanded into the Green building industry. SkyeTec’s Green and Energy Solutions division offers comprehensive programs for builders to utilize in their efforts to enter the Green building and energy efficiency market. SkyeTec now works with several of the nation’s largest volume and custom contractors, both residential and commercial, as well as Property Managers for existing building energy efficiency retrofit consulting.

Due to the economic downturn, the new construction industry declined significantly while the distressed asset portfolio rose dramatically.  SkyeTec was then asked to provide Property Conditions Assessments to assist banks with assessing risk exposures for their newly acquired assets.  SkyeTec now works with two of the nation’s largest financial institutions providing property evaluations for property insurability.

Starting with only one service, mold assessments, SkyeTec continuously built upon the knowledge and expertise that was gained in our field experience to offer a wide range of building solutions for builders, homeowners, and insurers alike. SkyeTec is committed to extending this valuable information to our clients so that they can improve sales, cut costs, or both. Ten years of experience and expertise in building science solutions has grown SkyeTec into one of the industry leaders in building, energy and environmental science consulting.




 Systematic Claim Reviews

 utilizing WEM Technologies

 Industry-leading, science-based, 

 tiered reasonability test for

 equipment, duration, and pricing.


 Full Service Evaluations

 Comprehensive desk audit

 services for complex and large

 loss mitigation invoices and


 Agreed Cost Negotiations/

 Variance Resolution

 Discussion based on actual vs.

 recommended scope of work

 and pricing.

 Restoration Consulting and

 On-Site Mitigation Oversight

 Industrial Hygienists establish 

 proper protocol and monitor

 mitigation efforts to ensure

 restoration to pre-loss conditions.